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Wacker Front-end Wheel Loader Articulated, WL18, WL25, WL35 and WL50 - Canopy

Model Guide: 18 = 1800 kg operating weight, WL = wheel loader, WL = wheel loader 18 = 1800 kg operating weight, WL = wheel loader; 18 = 1800 kg operating weight

Wacker Front-end Wheel Loader Articulated WL 18,25,35,50 by GMA
Wacker Wheel Loaders
Shandong Wheel Loaders

WL 18 US
WL 18, WL 18 Canopy

The Wacker WL 18 wheel loader is extremely compact, easy to maneuver and easily transported from job site to job site. The WL 18's narrow width and tight turning radius allow this unit to access confined job sites that in the past could not accommodate a wheel loader. Ideally suited for landscaping utility, pallet fork operation and confined area mobility. This unit can also be used with light attachments.

WL 25 US
WL 25

WACKER's WL 25 wheel loader moves with the highest precision around every job site. This multi-purpose loader features high break-out force and large lifting capacity. The spacious cab with ergonomic controls and 360-degree visibility provide for a more comfortable and safer unit, increasing productivity. The rugged WL 25 loader offers better capacities, higher reach, differential lock and more creature comforts as opposed to the WL 18.

WL 30 US
WL 30, WL 30 Canopy

The WACKER WL 30 wheel loader delivers extremely high performance. Even under continuous use, ample operator comforts reduce fatigue and increase productivity. This rugged unit offers unmatched performance while protecting the environment with low emissions. The workhorse of the construction site, the durable WL 30 features better break-out force, digging and lifting capabilities along with high dump heights.

WL 50 US
WL 50

These WACKER wheel loaders with their high-performance 4-cylinder Deutz engines execute an enormous workload day-to-day. These agile and versatile machines are strong reliable helpers at any construction site and are ideally suited for a variety of jobs. In addition they are extremely frugal in consumption and easy to maintain. Their bright, friendly cabs are roomy, comfortable and offer excellent 360° visibility. Very soon you won't want to part with these robust workers.

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